What our students say

We asked our students why they chose to study osteopathy and about their experience of ESO.

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Mette with baby

“After my first year at the ESO, my knowledge became more developed, my palpation skills and tissue understanding better. My clients could already feel the difference in my treatments and commented on it to me.

I now work more and more manually and as an Osteopath, although it is a bit of a fluid transition that cannot always be completely separated out if you ask me.

As a self-employed person, being an Osteopathic student has also had a positive effect financially. I rarely have appointments free in my diary as I enjoy good publicity.”

Mette Kuhre, 3rd Year Osteopath Student, Copenhagen

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Mia Denmark

"First and foremost, ESO has changed my way of examining and diagnosing my clients. I have had a much greater holistic view of the human body, where the cause of the problem is more relevant than the symptom itself. Osteopathy examines not only at a musculoskeletal level, but from several dimensions, such as viscerally, which means that as a therapist, I have been given multiple points of view.

ESO can be recommended for many reasons, but mainly on the basis of very dedicated teachers. The teachers are also very down to earth and warm. They are constructively critical, which means that there is a nice learning environment that is essential for all learning. Add to that the fact that there is always room for fun too.

It is important to mention that all teachers work in clinical practice."

Mia Rebocka Sterud, 3rd Year Osteopath Student