About the ESO

Providing high quality Osteopathic Education, for a fulfilling and flexible career as an Allied Health Professional

The European School of Osteopathy has been instrumental in the development of osteopathic education and standards throughout Europe and the wider world. The osteopathic teaching at the ESO reflects a broad spectrum of the subject. The practical philosophies of all the great osteopaths are integrated into the curriculum, with particular emphasis on the fundamentals laid down by Dr Andrew Taylor Still and complemented by progressive consideration of structural, cranial and visceral techniques.

The main academic site is in Maidstone, Kent and we have a site in London too where we deliver our highly regarded and accredited  four year undergraduate degree programme. Students who visit the UK for lectures and seminars will also study at our Kent campus, with clinical experience, where appropriate, provided at the ESO's dedicated teaching clinic.

We have a long tradition of forming international links, which over the years have broadened and enriched its teaching. It is closely associated with osteopathic organisations across Europe and is actively involved in improving academic and research standards and in achieving a degree of standardisation of osteopathic education.

For information about our UK-based, four year undergraduate degree programme please visit our main academic website at www.bcnogroup.ac.uk.

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