Our History & Philosophy

The growth of osteopathy in Europe is much due to the pioneering efforts and the generosity of sharing of the ESO, which in its almost 70 years of existence has become one of the leading and most innovative schools in the history of the profession.

The ESO has a long history of innovation and continues to influence osteopathy across Europe and beyond. The School is renowned for its broad range of osteopathic approaches and it has a rich history of innovation and inclusiveness; modern visceral osteopathy began at the ESO under pioneers such as Jean-Pierre Barrell and the School was the first to introduce balanced ligamentous and spinal and pelvic joint muscle energy techniques to Europe from the USA. It was the first to teach and practise paediatric osteopathy, the first to include indirect and cranial approaches at undergraduate level and, more recently, first to welcome ‘Still techniques’ to Europe.