New Partnerships

Providing high quality Osteopathic Education, for a fulfilling and flexible career as an Allied Health Professional

If you are interested in partnering with ESO International, there are several ways to collaborate and benefit from our expertise. The ESO has a strong track record of establishing successful academic relationships with international partners worldwide, contributing to the growth and development of numerous osteopathic schools and practices.

As an ESO Partner school, you can leverage our extensive experience and excellent reputation in Europe and beyond. Many organisations approach us seeking potential partnerships due to our established standing in the field. We offer varying levels of support tailored to your needs. Our support can range from offering standalone postgraduate courses, seminars, and exam assessments, to providing a comprehensive four-year curriculum delivered by our esteemed 'flying faculty.'

If you are embarking on a new osteopathic educational project, we can collaborate with you from the initial stages, such as developing a business plan. We will work closely with you to create an educational program that is perfectly suited to your specific country. Additionally, we can provide guidance on marketing strategies, general infrastructure and our esteemed research department is available to offer advice to you and your students when needed.

We are excited to learn more about your interest in our educational services. To initiate the conversation, please reach out to us at

We eagerly anticipate discussing how we can collaborate and provide valuable educational opportunities together.