Why study Osteopathy with the ESO?

Be part of the ESO’s international community

The European School of Osteopathy is renowned for the range of osteopathic approaches taught. The School has a rich history of innovation and has influenced osteopathic education throughout Europe, teaching postgraduate courses overseas for over 20 years.

Our programmes are flexible and stimulating , leading to a truly rewarding career as an Osteopath. All our students benefit from the same library and journal access as UK undergraduate students.

As an ESO International student you will enjoy:-

  • Flexibility
  • The option to attend further classes in Maidstone, in addition to the summer seminars, at no extra cost
  • Access to online library and articles at no additional charge
  • Teaching from the experienced and committed specialist teachers
  • The opportunity to visit the ESO teaching clinic in Maidstone as an observer; to get a better picture of the osteopathic clinical reasoning process including case history, examination, differential diagnosis as well as assessment and treatment
  • The chance to observe real patient treatment in class and also treat real patients in class in a full clinical context; to better develop a full understanding of the osteopathic approach and also to acquire supervised osteopathic clinical hours for recognition by the regulator
  • Being part of an international community; you'll study with a renowned osteopathic institution, instrumental in the development of osteopathic education and standards throughout Europe and the wider world