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Life of a Woman – Osteopathic support from childhood to post-menopause

Biography After completing her education as a physiotherapist in Germany, Anja studied Osteopathy at College Sutherland/Germany, graduating in 2004. Her passion for osteopathy lead Anja to complete a Master degree in Paediatric  Osteopathy with the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD), validated by the University of Wales, in 2011. Eager to explore osteopathy, Anja joined the Women’s health […]

The fascial element in osteopathic practice

As a structural element of the body connective system, fascia can be considered as a ubiquitous tissue permeating the whole organism. It seems to respond to cellular and macroscopic lines of tension by reorganizing itself accordingly. From this perspective, the repercussion of a fascial restriction will be body-wide, and may potentially create stress on any […]