Become a Partner School

Providing high quality Osteopathic Education, for a fulfilling and flexible career as an Allied Health Professional

The ESO has a long tradition of establishing successful academic relationships with international partners all over the world, contributing to the development and growth of many osteopathic schools and practises. Our experience and excellent reputation in Europe and further afield means that the ESO is frequently approached by potential partners.

The level of support we provide can range from standalone postgraduate courses, seminars and exam assessments, to a complete four-year curriculum delivered by our high calibre ‘flying faculty’ and leading to the Diploma in Osteopathy (International). If you are starting up a new osteopathic educational project we can work with you right from the initial business plan; we’ll help you create something that is absolutely right for your specific country, with advice on marketing and general infrastructure, and our excellent research department can be on hand to provide advice to you and your students when needed.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to discussing our educational services with you. In the first instance please contact us at