ESO International - Russia

The European School of Osteopathy has been teaching in Russia for over 20 years, with long-standing relationships with schools in Moscow and St Petersburg

About the course

The ESO-validated Diploma in Osteopathy (International) is a part-time postgraduate programme, delivered to students of our Russian partner schools. It is designed for qualified health professionals who are looking to develop and expand their current practice. Lectures are provided in Russia by our team of high calibre flying faculty, supported by local, experienced translators; additional seminars and examinations are provided at our Maidstone campus.

Students who successfully complete the Russian programmes are awarded the ESO validated Diploma in Osteopathy (International) and are invited to take part in the ESO graduation ceremony in Maidstone, alongside the ESO’s full-time undergraduate M.Ost students.

Why study Osteopathy?

Osteopathy introduces a totally fresh way of thinking, where you’ll consider all aspects of your patient’s health before reaching a diagnosis.  You’ll be able to help a wider range of patients and treat more complex and interesting cases. Students have told us that osteopathy has revolutionised their own practice, making their professional lives so much more rewarding.

Why study osteopathy with the ESO?

At the European School of Osteopathy we are passionate about osteopathy. The School has a rich history of innovation and inclusiveness and it has been, and continues to be, instrumental in the development of osteopathy across Europe. By studying with the ESO you’ll become part of an international community of osteopaths.

The ESO teaches a broad spectrum of osteopathic approaches and treatment techniques, so our graduates can help care for a wider range of patients, from newborn babies to the elderly. We strive for excellence in osteopathic education, with a high quality and experienced teaching faculty, who specialise in their subject area.

You can find more information about the ESO, its history and academic standards here. To contact our International team call +44(0)1622 671558 or email

How to Apply

For information on how to apply and for more information please enquire directly to the ESO’s partner schools in Russia. You can find more information and contact details below.


ENIOM (Eduard Neymatov Institute of Osteopathy and Metavitonica) provides a 4-year osteopathic programme designed specifically for qualified health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists etc). Please contact our International team for more information at

The Russian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine (RAOMED) has been in partnership with the ESO since 1996.  The Academy’s 4-year osteopathic programme is designed specifically for qualified health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists etc).  For more detailed information about the course please visit the RAOM website. Information about our course lecturers can be found here.

RAOM contact:
Larisa Lasovetskaya –