Hilary Percival

Hilary Percival

Hilary Percival D.O. FSCCO POD

Hilary set up her own osteopathic practice with her husband Robin ( also an osteopath) in 1889 after qualifying from The British School of Osteopathy in 1988. She knew from the outset that she wanted to use her osteopathy to treat children. Working with her husband allowed her the freedom to develop a paediatric practice. This was further strengthened when their son came along.

She has undertaken numerous postgraduate courses in both the Involuntary- mechanism and paediatrics, notably with the late Viola Frymann, Jane Carriero and The Sutherland Cranial College. Recently Hilary has co- set up The Paediatric Osteopathic Diploma for The Sutherland Cranial College. She holds a city and Guilds teaching certificate.

Lately Hilary has become more interested in the developmental path of children ,how this affects the way our anatomy grows and functions and how osteopathy helps restore the developmental path. During the C19 pandemic Hilary has been doing on line consultations showing Mums how to handle their babies to enhance their development and naturally stretch and engage their own anatomy.

Being passionate about the osteopathic care and treatment of babies, children and their families led Hilary naturally into teaching as an extension of her work. She has taught with The Sutherland Cranial College for the last twenty years in the UK and Europe and more recently with The European School of Osteopathy International Department. She regularly lectures for regional osteopathic societies. Hilary has her own teaching platform with Helen Terentjev called smart-growing .