Who can apply ESO International

Why study Osteopathy with the ESO?

Be part of the ESO’s international community

The European School of Osteopathy is renowned for the range of osteopathic approaches taught. The School has a rich history of innovation and has influenced osteopathic education throughout Europe, teaching postgraduate courses overseas for over 20 years.

The ESO Denmark course is a flexible and stimulating pathway, leading to a truly rewarding career as an osteopath. Those studying on the Danish programme are full students of the European School of Osteopathy and, as such, benefit from the same library and journal access as UK undergraduate students. As an ESO Denmark student you will enjoy:-

  • Flexibility – choose to attend courses in Copenhagen or Vejle*
  • The option to attend further classes in Maidstone, in addition to the summer seminars, at no extra cost
  • Access to online library and articles at no additional charge
  • Teaching from the experienced and committed specialist teachers
  • The opportunity to visit the ESO teaching clinic in Maidstone as an observer; to get a better picture of the osteopathic clinical reasoning process including case history, examination, differential diagnosis as well as assessment and treatment
  • The chance to observe real patient treatment in class and also treat real patients in class in a full clinical context; to better develop a full understanding of the osteopathic approach and also to acquire supervised osteopathic clinical hours for recognition by the regulator
  • The choice between a Diploma and an Extended Diploma, with the Extended Diploma including a Research Dissertation
  • Being part of an international community; you’ll study with a renowned osteopathic institution, instrumental in the development of osteopathic education and standards throughout Europe and the wider world

You can find more information about the School’s philosophy and history here.

Graduation Ceremony

Those who successfully complete the Danish Diploma in Osteopathy programme are invited to attend the ESO’s graduation ceremony alongside our UK full-time M.Ost students.

The graduation ceremony is an exciting and colourful event, with graduates wearing traditional university gowns, hoods and mortar boards; at the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies, awards were presented by the ESO’s Royal Patron HRH Princess Eugenie.

For more information about the European School of Osteopathy please visit our main academic website at www.eso.ac.uk.


*Note: the Fredericia course moved in 2020 Vejle