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ESO Denmark - course information

Level 7 (Masters equivalent) course leading to the Diploma in Osteopathy (International)

Our Diploma and Extended Diploma in Osteopathy programmes are externally validated by the Crossfields Institute. Both Level 7 programmes fulfil the educational requirements for Danish authorisation

The European School of Osteopathy begins its new 4 year part-time (Type 2) Level 7 (Masters equivalent) course in September 2020 in both Vejle* and Copenhagen.  The Diploma is a part-time programme spread over 10 weekends each year. The curriculum is based on the World Health Organisation’s training framework and fully exploits the scope of osteopathy to improve patient outcomes, enhance skills, treat the widest group of patient presentations and provide for a most rewarding professional life. Graduates will have a range of technical skills and approach not achieved elsewhere.

  • You will be studying one of the broadest osteopathic education programs in the UK, with fascial, cranial and visceral approaches and techniques introduced from the first year.
  • Our extended internship module also gives students, in their fourth year, the opportunity to enter clinical internship, at our ESO clinic.
  • We combine the traditions of osteopathy with the latest developments in the field.
  • Teaching is provided by passionate, qualified osteopaths from all over Europe, who each teach their specialism.
  • Teaching will always take place in English.

The following provides an overview of course content delivered across all four years. Further enquiries should be addressed to our Danish course co-ordinator Tina Kolby (e-mail

*Note: the former Fredericia course has moved temporarily to Aarhus and will move in the autumn to Vejle

Introduction to the ESO & Osteopathy
General Osteopathic Examination (GOE)
Introduction to Visceral Osteopathic Principles & Practice
Lumbar Spine & Pelvis
Lower Extremity 1: Hip & Knee
Lower Extremity 2: Foot & Ankle
Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT)
General Osteopathic Technique (GOT)
Introduction to Fascia: Myofascia, Sclerofascia, Viscerofascia & Meningeofascia
Osteopathic Clinical Consultations (OCC)
Osteopathic Case History Taking & Differential Diagnosis

Seminars in Maidstone, UK:
Summative Examinations
Introduction to Cranial (IVM)
Lumbar Spine & Pelvis and Lower Extremity Review
The Cervical Spine
Medical Testing (GMS)
Research & Professionalism

Please visit our Locations and Dates page for more detailed course information and for a timetable for first year on the programme.

Visceral 2: Major Abdomino-pelvic Visceral Structures: Liver, gall bladder, stomach & spleen
Visceral 3: Major Abdomino-pelvic Visceral Structures: Pancreas, small & large intestines
Cranial (IVM) 2: Cranial base & Neurocranium
Muscle Energy Technique (MET) 1 & 2
Thorax & Cervical Spine 2
Shoulder & Upper Extremity
Osteopathic Clinical Consultations (OCC) 2
General Osteopathic Examination (GOE) 2
Research & Professionalism 2
Medical Testing (GMS) 2: Clinical Neurological Screening

Seminars in Maidstone, UK:
Summative Examinations
Cranial (IVM) 3
Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT) 2
Spine & Pelvis and Lower Extremity Review
Shoulder and Upper Extremity Review
Research & Professionalism 3

Cranial (IVM) 4 & 5
Osteopathic Clinical Consultation (OCC) 3 & 4
Visceral 5 & 6
General Osteopathic Treatment 2
The Sporting Patient

Seminars in Maidstone, UK:
Summer Examinations
Harmonic Technique
Mother & Child
Research & Professionalism 4
Review of Progress
High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) Thrust
Review of all techniques
Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT) 3
Cranial 6

Paediatric Osteopathy 1 & 2
Osteopathic Approach to Women’s Health 1 & 2
Positional Release
Visceral 7 & 8
Cranial 7
Portfolio Peer Review

Seminars in Maidstone, UK:
Osteopathic Approach to the Elderly Patient
Still Exaggeration Technique
Specific Adjustment Technique (SAT) 1 & 2
Cranium & Neck: Integration
Thorax: Integration
Lower Spine & Pelvis: Integration
Introduction to Animal Osteopathy