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Our next Open Day will take place in Copenhagen on Saturday 12th June, 10:00 (CEST). You’ll hear from our Programme Manager, with current ESO  Denmark students and a member of the Aarhus Osteopathy team also on hand to help answer your questions and provide a practical demonstration.

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About the Course

The diploma in Osteopathy (Denmark) is a Masters level (Level 7) 4 year part-time programme taught over 10 three day weekends a year in Denmark and 8 days of seminars and exams at our Maidstone campus

Lectures are delivered by the ESO’s team of highly experienced flying faculty at teaching facilities in Vejle or Copenhagen.

Eso International head treatment
ESO International shoulder assessment

Who can apply?

The Diploma in Osteopathy is is designed for English speaking qualified health professionals from anywhere in Europe, but particularly Denmark, who are looking to develop and expand their current practice.

Course Fees

Learner fees for the academic year 2020-21 are Danish Kroner 34,100, payable in instalments. There is a discount of 6% if the full year is paid in advance.

How to apply

Apply online or contact the ESO’s Danish course co-ordinator Dorte Herrmann on +45 28 30 04 14 / email DorteHerrmann@eso.ac.uk

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About the ESO

The European School of Osteopathy is renowned internationally for highly quality osteopathic education. The School has a rich history of innovation and has influenced osteopathic education throughout Europe.