Denmark – Yr4 students take their final exams

Year 4 learners undertook their final osteopathy exams in Denmark at the weekend (17-19 July), with practical assessments overseen by two European School of Osteopathy faculty members based in continental Europe, Thibaut Chassagne and Liesbet Maenhout based in France and Belgium respectively.

Helder Pinto, Head of Department for the Danish diploma programme, explains, “Having a team of lecturers based on mainland Europe has been a great benefit during the recent lockdown and quarantine periods. It has allowed our Danish learners to progress through their studies and has complemented their online lectures and resources. We’re now looking forward to getting back in the air with all our flying faculty. We expect to complete all of the current year’s teaching in time for the final Year to graduate and achieve Danish Authorisation in 2020 and other year groups to progress to the next year without delay.”

The Danish post-graduate programme is a 4 year externally validated Master’s level (Level 7) part-time osteopathy course suitable for registered Physiotherapists and other appropriately qualified healthcare professionals. For more information please visit our ESO Denmark section.